Biff Messinger grew up traveling the world as the son of a career army officer during which time he gained a unique appreciation for the outdoors and it's natural resources. As a 20 year army veteran himself, Biff continued to travel and sharpen his interests in serving the community on various non-profit foundations and board memberships. 
Biff has been a volunteer coordinator with Habitat for Humanity, DOD Liaison with the Care Coalition providing support for wounded service members and their families, long time organizer and coordinator for local blood bank donor drives and, most recently, been the president of the board of directors of the Grand Junction Community Food Bank. 
A 30 year member Rotary International, he has now become a staunch advocate of protecting and maintaining our natural resources, especially our rivers, in the western United States.
Biff and his wife, Kathleen, spend as much time as possible on or in the Colorado River kayaking or SUPing and are also avid bikers, hikers and cross country skiers.