Restoring Private Lands

Restoration and habitat improvement don't just happen on public land. RiversEdge West, in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, has a Private Lands Biologist that offers:

  • Basic technical information
  • Plant recommendations
  • Integrated pest management recommendations
  • Site visits
  • Conservation plans
  • Connections to funding
  • Landowner focused workshops

Get started with restoration on your property by contacting REW’s Private Lands Biologist: Christa Brown,

Partnerships that Help Landowners Reach Restoration Goals:

The organizations in the following chart provide varying forms of assistance for landowner projects depending on the goals for your land. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and there are other available sources for assistance.

Explore the tools below to help you on your property:

NRCS Conservation Planning

Learn about Conservation Planning for your property:

5 Steps to Assistance flyer (How to Get Assistance from NRCS for Farms, Ranches and Forests: Planning, Application, Eligibility, Ranking, Implementing

Learn more

Web Soil Survey

Explore soil properties and ecological sites of your property: