Capturing the Human Spirit of Riverside (Riparian) Restoration

Nathan Waggoner

Escalante River, Utah

For Nathan, the river is a place to go that clears his mind; a reprieve from the day-to-day bustle that comes with owning a business and a horse packing operation in Escalante, Utah.

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Chip Norton

Verde River, Arizona

“Having grown up in the desert Southwest, I feel a sense of wonder when I’m on moving water,” Chip says. “It’s all magical; the sound, the smell, and the touch.  When you overlay that with the abundance of wildlife that is concentrated around desert rivers and streams, it’s heaven on earth.”

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Bill Brandau

Gila River, Arizona

In Southeastern Arizona, Bill Brandau wears many hats: husband, father to four sons, and grandfather to eight grandkids; owner and operator of what he affectionately calls “Rancho Neglecto,” his small cattle farm near the Gila River; member of the Gila Watershed Partnership; and Director for the Graham County Cooperative Extension with the University of Arizona. Through these roles, Bill has developed a deep appreciation for the Gila River and has dedicated much of his time to help put this threatened waterway on a course to recovery. 

Watch Bill's story or read about his experience.

Emily Kasyon

Dolores River, Colorado

Emily's work on the Dolores River, a tributary of the Colorado River, is helping put the 241-mile-long waterway on a healthier trajectory – one that benefits both wildlife and creates more economic opportunity for communities along its course.
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