Your gift to RiversEdge West will ensure that rivers are protected now and long into the future
  • jeri


    Your donation will help to restore rivers for the betterment of local economies, recreational opportunities, and for our natural heritage for future generations.
  • doug

    Beneficiary Designation

    Consider a gift to RiversEdge West in your will or trust to support a cause that is important in your lifetime. 
  • car

    Stocks or Vehicles

    When you donate stock or mutual funds, you may receive an immediate tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes.
  • family

    While You Shop

    Designate RiversEdge West as your nonprofit and you'll be donating when you shop at no cost to you!
  • tax refund

    Tax Refund

    Direct part or all of your tax refund to support our work when filing your taxes.
  • spary

    Workplace Donation

    Your employer may participate in workplace giving which can leverage your gift.
  • oars

    Business and Agency Membership

    Membership is a great way for businesses and agencies to support RiversEdge West.