Rangely, CO

We are excited to announce a free workshop to be held in Rangely, CO, on June 8!

The workshop will start at 9:00 am in Rector Hall at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely, CO. The second half of the workshop will take place in the field, approximately 20 minutes from the college. A bag lunch will be provided.

View the agenda here.

Dr. Cini Brown (Colorado State University) and Dr. Dan Bean (Palisade Insectary, Colorado Department of Agriculture) will introduce tamarisk beetle herding, a new toolset to "steer" tamarisk beetle populations towards specific tamarisk patches and encourage them to stay longer using chemical lures. Tamarisk beetles (Diorhabda carinulata) are a biocontrol agent introduced to reduce infestations of invasive tamarisk trees and have been in the White River watershed since 2011.

The presenters will also share results from long-term beetle monitoring datasets, including the White River and Douglas Creek, and recent beetle herding experiments. Participants are encouraged to ask follow-up questions about tamarisk beetles and other biological controls in the area.

We'll then visit a local field site (Along Douglas Creek, east of Hwy 138 and Hwy 139 intersection ) where beetle herding lures have been set and answer questions about how to use lures on your own. For interested participants, the Colorado Department of Agriculture will be providing a limited number of lures to take home and use. They will also provide details on how to acquire biocontrol agents and lures in the future.

Lunch will be provided. All interested parties are encouraged to attend; we feel this information could be particularly beneficial to landowners, land and wildlife managers, local governments, and students.

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