Workshop Series: Southern Arizona

The third workshop of RiversEdge West's 2023 Workshop Series will take place in Tucson, Arizona in October 2023 (date TBD). 

We'll get into the weeds (pun intended) on climate-resilient habitat with applied research talks, demonstrations, and site visits from our staff scientist and tamarisk beetle expert Amanda Stahlke, wildlife experts like Mathew Johnson, Sean Mahoney, Greg Beatty, and cottonwood adaptation expert Hillary Cooper.

Stay tuned for a draft agenda and registration to be announced soon.

A note about scholarships:

RiversEdge West fosters collaboration across diverse groups to ensure inclusive and engaged riverside communities and stewards. These entities include governments, industries, and water user groups that are comprised of a wide array of socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and cultures. To that end, we tried to keep the cost of attendance low and are offering a limited number of sponsored scholarships to those lacking financial resources. To apply, please send a short bio including your goals for attending the workshop, no more than 300 words to Amanda at by March 19, 2023.  

RiversEdge West Workshop Background:

RiversEdge West (REW) has been conducting riparian restoration conferences and workshops since 2001. This year, we are hosting a workshop series across the Southwest with the goal of connecting the people managing riparian lands with the techniques, scientific findings, and lessons learned that are vital to ensuring that restoration is successful. These focused and place-based workshops will provide a venue for education, collaboration, and training that address the needs of a particular region.  

To view the full 2023 Workshop Series schedule, click here.