Logo explanation

Founded on Removing Tamarisk

Tamarisk Coalition was founded in 1999 as a Colorado-based grassroots effort focused on managing woody invasives along rivers - namely tamarisk (hence our name: Tamarisk Coalition).


Our Work Has Grown

Over the past two decades, however, our work and influence have broadened geographically and expanded topically in response to the unique challenges faced in arid riparian areas and the communities that manage them.


Focusing on Holistic Riverside Restoration

While our focus remains on the American West, our work today addresses several additional issues afflicting riparian areas, including other invasive riverside plants, climate change, habitat fragmentation, and other stressors that may result in diminished biodiversity. Equally important is fostering communities and stewards well-equipped to manage riparian areas now and in the future.  

As part of this forward-looking approach, our Board of Directors and staff decided that a brand re-evaluation would better reflect our organizational values and the myriad issues we address on behalf of riparian areas and in support of riparian restoration professionals.  

After many months (some would say years) of brainstorming and holding focus groups, Tamarisk Coalition has decided on a new name: RiversEdge West.

See below to learn more about what our new name represents:

What to Expect
While our name has changed to RiversEdge West, our programs and mission remain consistent. We are still the "go to" place for connecting you to information on tamarisk and Russian olive management, native riparian plant restoration, partnership development and sustainability, and much more.  

Please note that the following changes have been made as of March 1, 2018:

  • Our website URL has changed to www.RiversEdgeWest.org (please update your browser bookmark)

  • Our email addresses have changed to @RiversEdgeWest.org, please visit our Contact Us page to update your address book

  • Our telephone number and mailing address will remain the same

Thank you for being with us during this exciting transition, we look forward to another year of working together to restore rivers across the West!