A publication that covers best practices when planting container plants. It focuses on trees but can be applied to any container plant.

A great deal of effort has been devoted to developing guidance for stream restoration and rehabilitation. The available resources are diverse, reflecting the wide ranging approaches used and expertise required to develop stream restoration projects. To help practitioners sort through all of this information, a technical note has been developed to provide a guide to the wealth of information available. The document structure is primarily a series of short literature reviews followed by a hyperlinked reference list for the reader to find more information on each topic.
A well-designed revegetation plan is a foundational component of a successful stream restoration project. It helps to ensure the establishment and long-term viability of a healthy riparian corridor, which is critical to stream ecology and stream structure. This technical guidance document provides information and recommendations on: Important elements to consider when developing a revegetation plan for a stream restoration project Construction specifications within revegetation plans Items to address during and after construction

This document by Wildhorse Riverworks describes how to use live cuttings in revegetation projects.

This guide, produced by Wildlands Restoration  Volunteers, describes appropriate techniques for gathering, storing and planting dormant willow cuttings for revegetation and bank stabilization projects. 

This document discusses riparian restoration lessons learned by the Dolores River Restoration Partnership over the last five years. Working across two states, four Bureau of Land Management offices, and five counties, the Partnership has had a number of successes, total failures, and projects somewhere in the middle. 

The document is organized into key revegetation components, including:

Passive versus active revegetation Site selection Species size and selection Planting and seeding Maintenance 

This Natural Resources Conservation Service document describes proper techniques for planting cottonwoods and willows.