The Middle Rio Grande Farm and River Resilience Program   Adrian Oglesby1*, Paul
 University of Arizona Press, Briggs, M.K. and W.R. Osterkamp. 2020     This guidebook builds on what came before, developing it as both a guidance 'how to' as well as a reference. Where restoration topics are well-documented and well-traveled, we offer references. Where not, we offer detailed guidance on how to develop a stream restoration response start to finish.
      Salinity-Herbivore-Plant Interactions: Effects of Plant Health, Beetle Defoliation, and Local Adaptation on Tamarix Growth   Randall Long1*, Tom Dudley2, Adam Lambert3, Kevin Hultine4   1Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 2Marine S
    Why Do Some Restoration Projects Fail and Others Succeed? A Quantitative Look at 243 Sites for Environmental, Management, and Social Factors   Anna Sher1*, Annie L. Henry2, Lisa B. Clark2, Alex Goetz2, and Eduardo González2,3   1University of Denver, Dept.


A prescription for drug-free rivers: uptake of pharmaceuticals by a widespread streamside willow

Carmen Franks, David Pearce, Stewart Rood