A publication that covers best practices when planting container plants. It focuses on trees but can be applied to any container plant.

This document discusses riparian restoration lessons learned by the Dolores River Restoration Partnership over the last five years. Working across two states, four Bureau of Land Management offices, and five counties, the Partnership has had a number of successes, total failures, and projects somewhere in the middle. 

The document is organized into key revegetation components, including:

Passive versus active revegetation Site selection Species size and selection Planting and seeding Maintenance 

This PowerPoint presentation from the Natural Resources Conservation Service was presented in Moab and Escalante, Utah in 2011. The presentation covers: what, when, and where to plant; effective planting methods; suggested planting equipment; survival results; and suggested publications. 

This publication describes the long-stem planting methods utilized in Australia. Techniques for a variety of ecosystems are described. 

Published by the NRCS, this pamphlet provides guidelines for planting longstem transplants for riparian restoration in the Southwest.