Seedballs: An opportunity for low-cost, community-based riparian revegetation

John Leary, Restoration and GIS Coordinator, RiversEdge West

This guide, authored by RiversEdge West's, John Leary, explains how to make seedballs and how to plan seedball making and dispersal events. Seedball events are low-cost, engage with and educate community members and support restoration efforts with revegetation.

Biocontrol & Threatened and Endangered Species Amanda Stahlke1*

Integrated Woody Invasive Management Strategies: Perspectives from On-the-Ground Experiences 

Just Trust Me: Exploring and Understanding the Role of Trust in Collaborative Efforts

A Restoration Partnership at 5 Years: The White River Partnership

John Leary1*

Reintroduction of Beaver into Appropriate Habitat on BLM Land

Lessons Learned: Assumptions and Realities of Restoration Alongside the Beetle 

Sarah Sayles

Sarah Sayles, PhD, Executive Director, Gila Watershed Partnership

Taking Riparian Restoration Efforts to the Appropriate Scale 

Shannon Wadas 

Associate Director, RiversEdge West, Grand Junction, CO

Applying Satellite-based Habitat Models to Inform Riparian Habitat Restoration and Management Actions for Two Listed Riparian Species, the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and the Yellow-billed Cuckoo 

  James Hatten1, Jennifer Holmes2, and Matthew Johnson3* 

Ecological Restoration with Tribes: Assessing Best Practices and Reflective Learning 

Nicholas Chischilly1*, Corrine Knapp2, Tom Grant III3, Wes Martel4, and Melanie Armstrong5 

Keynote Address: What’s Data Got To Do With It? Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practical Applications

Dr. Anna Sher

Building Climate Resilience in the Colorado River Basin 

Hannah Holm1*, Fay Hartman2, Jordan Nielson3*, Aaron Derwingson4, and Season Martin5 

Wildfire Ready Action Plans

Steven Reeves1*, Jeff Sickles2, Chris Sturm1  

When The Water Dries Up: Strategies for Implementing Riparian Restoration Projects Without Water  

Multi-Dimensional Restoration of Pecos Canyon State Park (NM) 

Working Collaboratively For A Healthy, Flowing River System   Hudson Keffer1, Elaine Nichols1, Tracy Stephens1* 

The Value of Lived Experience in Environmental Flow Assessments: Overview of the Grand Valley Pilot Project

Brian Murphy1*, Hannah Holm2

Invasives and the Corps World: Movement, Methods, and Mayhem

Dan McLendon1*, Dave Bastian2*

1American Conservation Experience, Judith Gap, MT

Russian Olive Treatment and Monitoring on the Escalante River: Lessons From 15 Years of Restoration 

Kevin Berend1*

Evaluation of the Ecological and Hydraulic Conditions of the Resilient St. Vrain Project (Longmont, Colorado) 

Sharon Bywater-Reyes1*, Keaton MacMillan1, Antonio Reveles-Hernandez2, Sarah Holland1, Mimi Dunda1, Nathan Duggins3, Jeremy Burton1